Best  Manhwa  For Beginners 


A noble named Rai who has a companion Frankenstein by the name Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, who slept for a thousand years and must adapt to modern society.

Sweet home

A teenager's life took a turn when his family died in a car accident, and now he is alone in a new apartment suffering from a zombie attack.

the god of highschool

Mori is a teenager, and the story is set up in a setting where every participant has to cross a regional level with the powers shared by God and then reach the nationals.

solo leveling

The story centers on the concept of a gateway b/w human world and monsters. Solo leveling is a game in which your level raises according to your achievements in the battleground.

tower of god

It’s a dark fantasy in which a boy named twenty-fifth Baam enters a castle to save his best friend Rachael. Its unique characters and complicated villains became a hit.

lore olympus

A modern-day version of the gods’ stories, showing that even though the gods are not perfect, how can we. It covers friendship, love, gossip, and problems.

the gamer

A game set up in Dungeons and a fantasy world filled with the different types of video games and how they affect people’s lives. It’s the story of Jihan Han, a High School student.


Jiwoo who is fighting evil forces and saving people with his extraordinary reflex powers. Kayden is a secret agent on the run and trapped inside a fluffy cat’s body.


Dongtae, is meek and alone has  very low grades and has no friends. He meets this new guy who is a transfer student named Taebin, who lets him use his dice, which are magical. 

the boxer

An action thriller manhwa mixed with the element of sports. A young man who is a boxer and is self-introspecting whether he has that x-factor that can take him to the position he yearns for.