Laziest Anime Characters of all time

Houtarou Oreki

He is not your typical lazy teenager. Heis the true master of energy conservation. His belief in energy conservation is so firm that despite his genius intellect, his grades suffer.


His laziness is inspired not by the desire to do nothing but by his firm life belief- “whatever happens, happens.” His uncaring attitude is the influence behind his laziness.


Saitama’s drive for peak physical strength was so strong that he no longer has any worthwhile enemies. He spends most of his days daydreaming of a formidable enemy.

umaru chan

Umaru is an otaku and an anti-social being. She lazes around doing nothing except watching anime, playing video games, reading manga, eating junk food, and drinking her beloved cola.


Docile and slow, Snorlax is extremely relaxed. They sleep for days, only waking up to fulfill their daily nutritional needs. They ignore people and other Pokémon in the wild.


It's only role in life is to complete any mission his Father gives him as quickly as possible so that he can return to doing nothing. Even simple, mundane tasks like thinking are painful to him.

gintoki sakata

He tends to lie around reading manga and giving meaningless life lessons to his students. His unwillingness to do anything productive gets him into trouble now and then.

tanaka kun

He is always exhausted and tired when not pursuing his favorite pastime- sleeping. he is content with dreaming about eating food rather than getting up and having some.

shikamaru nara

He only became a ninja to live a fun life that only requires him to do the bare minimum. What’s his favorite pastime, you ask? Cloud Watching. Putting in as little energy as possible.

shota aizawa

His laziness is apparent through his appearance- long, messy hair and half-open eyes; he is almost always unkempt. The logic behind his appearance is simple- why put any effort into it?

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