Ugliest anime characters of all time


The guy appears greedy and always hungry, causing him to be fat and plump. Gluttony looks like a fat, overweight butcher with an oversized nose

Shinigami Ryuk

Imagine a human figure with sharpened teeth and gruesome color, having spikes on the head and snitched nose like that of Voldemort. Scary and gothic.

hand demon

His appearance was that of a large veiny blob of green skin and red point fingers. not just ugly on the outside but also inside, as he was sadistic.

Kouji kouda

Kouji Kouda does not even have a human-like appearance. It looks like his head is made up of rock, and his smile looks like he’s a frightening rock. he looks like a tall tofu blob.


It looks like he’s a giant dragon fruit amalgamated with a human form. He, too, has spikes on his head and leaves no reason not to look like a goblin. 

witch of the waste

The witch of the Waste was a very fat lady with a blob of fat hanging down his chin and her being comfortable with it. t looks like a large skin blanket is covering her neck.

Ichiya Vandalay

He is a womanizer and thinks of himself as the most handsome person in the world. He is stout and has a larger rectangular face and ballsack like chin.


Beloukas is a short, sinister-looking male who’s always seen wearing a ringmaster’s tuxedo. He has a tiny, shabby mustache and evil grin, making him look even more sinful.

Boy Biwamaru

An aged monk with a stone eye and bald head. His rib cage looks like its protruding out, his pale brownish skin looks like he’s dead. His head looks like an hammer has struck head.

Shigekiyo Yangu

His head resembles jackfruit skin. He’s short and stout. The horns on his head look ridiculous and make him even more deplorable. all his teeth have fallen out.

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