Best  Death Note Characters

N: Near

One of L’s successors. . He was extremely intelligent and quick-witted, which led him to become the only person who caught Kira. He solved many mysteries that his predecessors could not solve.

Misa Amane

Devoted her entire life to Kira and supported him in his mission. She was gullible and easily fooled by Light. She even traded half her lifetime to obtain the Shinigami eyes to help Light.

teru mikami

A criminal prosecutor who openly supported Kira’s ways and caught Light’s attention. Teru acted as a proxy for Kira when Light was trying to divert the speculations of him being Kira away.

shinigami rem

Rem was a Shinigami in the human world. Rem made the ultimate sacrifice for Shinigamis by extending Misa’s life span rather than decreasing it, which cost her own life.

touta matsuda

A kind-hearted person, the youngest and most inexperienced member of the Kira investigation team. He improved his skills, acknowledged and worked on his weak points.

kiyomi takada

She was a news anchor who openly voiced her opinions in support of Kira and worked to assist him. Takada dated Light Yagami and was aware of his identity as Kira.

Shinigami ryuk

Ryuk was Light’s Shinigami resident. He fulfilled his duty as a Shinigami by following the rules of the Death Note and, therefore, killing Light at the very end. 

L: Lawleit

L, was undoubtedly the world’s greatest detective. He is portrayed as an enigmatic, highly-esteemed and genius detective who showed eccentric mannerisms and personality.

LIGHT yagami

“Kira”, by chance, discovers the Death Note. He failed to recognise the thin line between the right and the wrong and became the very thing he aimed to fight, a serial killer.

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