Top  Dark Manga  Of All Time


When  Koiuichi comes to his new school, he feels something unusual and eree about the surroundings. Dead girl and dead peoples all around him.

death note

Death Note had the power to kill a person if that person’s name was written on the pages of the notebook. Light Yagami bringing justice to the world by killing criminals.

tokyo ghoul

Ken kaneki, goes out with a girl who, have sinister deeds and left Ken Kaneki to die. Kaneki starts to transform in the most drastic ways and is now a fugitive on the run.

suicide circle

“Saya”, survived while 54 girls jump in front of the moving train. Saya Kota is saved and starts making her suicide club. 

MPD psycho

Yosuke Kobayashi, ia detective, was trying to hunt down the killer of his girlfriend, certain events led to the beginning of losing his sanity and developing Dissociative Identity Disorder

kaiji gambling apocalypse

Kaiji Ito after graduating, fails to get a job and is trapped in the vicious life of gambling. He is tricked by a con and pressurized by a loan shark entering a gamble.


A group of vampire hunters known as Hellsing Group, headed by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, son of Abraham Van Hellsing, on a mission to destroy the undead and other evils.

scumbag loser

Murai boasts about having a girlfriend who suddenly appears in the human form the next day even though she was dead 5 years ago.


Caiman, whose head is converted into that of a reptile after an experiment by a sorcerer and who has left his fate to die in this hell-like world.


The spiral, seemingly hypnotic, signifies the terrors a human mind binds itself to, and eventually, we succumb to the spiral. All of us are stuck in the spirals of delusions and tensions.

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