Top 10  Waifus EVER

miku nakano

Third sister of the Nakano Quintuplets and has a timid personality. The way her hair is styled makes her very cute and beautiful with the headphone around her neck.

boa hancock

Boa is considered the most beautiful woman with a well-proportionate figure. Boa appears to be selfish, pompous, and spoiled. she fell in love with Monkey D. Luffy

marin kitagawa

Marin is incredibly beautiful with pretty eyes and blonde hair. The choker she wears adds to her beauty. She also looks awesome in every outfit. Her figure is admired a lot too.

Shinobu Oshino

She was formerly a human whose name was cursed, so she changed her name and met a purebred vampire who turned her into a very powerful vampire.

mikasa ackerman

She is generally calm and collected in almost every situation and knows how to care for someone and fight for them. She is too cool not to be falling in love with her.

kurisu makise

She is genius, sensible, mature, calm, cute, timid and collected. She is a Beauty with brain. She is the tsundere of the anime. Makise is a strong and independent.

Mai Sakurajima

Mia is beautiful with black hair and blue-purple eyes. She is kind, helpful, intelligent, shy, sensitive, and pure-hearted. She is also very mature comparing her age.

zero two

Zero is unbelievably beautiful with long pink hair and two cute little horns on her head. She is a fun-loving girl. She is wild and playful, even making some pervy jokes here and there.

hinata hyuga

She is very beautiful, soft-spoken, caring, hard working, and never let you down the type of girl. Hinata always put forward others before herself. 


Her cuteness and more understanding behavior make her the best waifu material. Rem is a girl with short blue hair covering one eye and the same light blue eyes.

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