Anime Genre you should know about


Yuri (aka Girls’ Love) refers to anime that revolves around the sexual romance between females. They generally tend to have less erotic content compared to yaoi.


Yaoi (or Boys’ Love) is a Japanese term used to refer to the genre showcasing sexual relationships between men. It may feature mild to heavy sexual imagery. 


Ecchi  refers to something or someone mildly perverted. It is an explicit genre that contains suggestive imagery and lewd antics. Mild nudity and breast or underwear shots are typical.


 A harem story comprises a male protagonist with three or more female characters who are potential romantic interests. It's opposite is called reverse harem.


Hentai, is generally used to refer to somebody with perverted conduct. Outside of Japan, it refers to anime with uninhibitedly sexualized characters and pornographic images.


Anime featuring advanced mechanical objects or machines. These include robots, androids, cyborgs, etc. These generally have action-filled scenes involving massive robots.


The word literally means “a different (i) world (sekai).” The narrative begins with the MC unexpectedly getting transported, reincarnated, or captured in a parallel world of fantasy.


Josei anime caters to young adult female audiences. The story focuses primarily on the realistic affairs of adult life and deals with mature themes that resonate with the target audience


The story is more psychological and delves into darker and more mature themes, action seinen anime mostly contain graphic imagery, gore, and profanity.


shoujo” refers to girls in the 12 to 18 age group. The story usually has a female teen protagonist on her journey to emotional maturity and almost always overlaps with the romance genre. 


Usually a young male protagonist with set goals and discuss themes of friendship, camaraderie, courage, and passion. There is usually a lot of action, adventure, and team spirit in these anime.

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