Funniest anime Characters ever

kakashi hatake

Kakashi is sensei of team 7. He is portrayed as one of the most powerful characters in the show, his delivery, expressions, and ability to have fun make him even more charismatic.

Ryotsu Kankichi

Ryotsu Kankichi is a lazy, ugly, rough, mannerless, greedy but sweet-at-heart police officer working at Kameari police station. he is one of the most funny anime characters of all time.

natsu dragneel

Natsu Dragneel, has a great sense of loyalty and passion towards his companions. He is straight forward and often relies on hand on methods to tackle circumstances.


He is light-hearted and gregarious, making jokes and making a loud laugh. His perverted side is evident from his habit of trying to peep naked women while bathing.


Zenitsu, can often be found in a constant state of terror and always cries and attempts to run away at even the slightest chance of danger. His presence is funny and cool.


Naruto is evident to have a personality that works well in attracting people. Naruto is funny and hardworking. His special technique includes turning into a naked girl and tricking people.

koro sensei

Koro sensei is capable of switching his emotions from silly and childish to serious in a flash, and both of his traits are very smoothly blended throughout the series.

gintoki sakata

Just the facial expressions of this man are more than enough to secure a spot for him on this list There’s certainly no human emotion that cannot be conveyed through Gintoki’s pictures.

monkey d luffy

Everything Luffy does is funny in its own way; be it imitating his crew members or his cluelessness in most serious situations, he never fails to make us laugh.

one punch man

Saitama is the protagonist of one of the most famous anime, One punch man. He is one of those characters that are hilarious without even putting any extra effort to be that way.

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