Best Manhua  For Beginners

Feng Shen Ji  (The Legend and the Hero)

A realm where Gods rule over humanity. Fight broke out b/w gods. The fates of mankind  linked with the gods’ war, and humanity’s fate ended up in their hands.


Douluo Dalu  (Combat Continent)

Tang San was reborn in a new realm, after he threw himself from Hell’s Peak. Everyone has their own spirit, which can be trained to become Spirit Masters


Chang Ge Xing  (Song Of The Long March)

A young princess embarks on a quest to avenge her family members. Her father, ruler of the Tang Dynasty, was assassinated by his brother and his wife and sons.


The Ravages Of Time

The powerful Han dynasty of China fell nearly 2000 years ago. As a result of that fall, the Three Kingdoms emerged: Wei, Shu, and Wu.


Tamen De Gushi  (SQ Begin With Your Name)

Love story of Qiu Tong and Sun Jing’s meeting and falling in love. Story is about a lesbian pair in high school. A slice of life & light-hearted comedy.


Mo Dao Zu Shi  (The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)

Yiling has been dead for 13 years, just the name instills fear in those who hear it. He has come back from the grave in the body of a lunatic.


Wuming Qishi  (The Legend of the Sun Knight)

Sun Knight is flawless in every way, from his looks to his abilities. Reveals himself as the polar opposite of the knightly man  world perceive him to be.


1/2 prince

Feng Lan chose a male avatar to show that she could be a better player than her brother. Her journey in an online RPG begins as she learned the game and what it’s like to be a boy.


Once Again

Yuan Ge, an advertising executive, is in the middle of a meeting when he receives word that his wife has died. This is a brief manhwa about love loss and moving on.


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