Anime Collage

As a kid, we never knew our love for cartoons would guide us into a world of infinite possibilities. An Otaku’s lifetime spans over them unknowingly beginning their journey with DBZ, Pokémon, and Naruto, ending in a repetitive loop of binging animes. Little did we know we were not just falling for the overpowered buffed-up characters but actually the exquisite art and the culture itself that adds so much value to the animation industry.

From pulling all-nighters with an intent to satiate that hunger of “just-one-more episode” to reading manga all day long, we have done it all. So, as a Level 10 Otaku, aka “Mega Otaku,” we bring all our love and lessons we’ve got from our anime obsession and pour it out here at LAST STOP ANIME.

 At Last Stop Anime, our sole purpose is to bring together the global anime fraternity, from newbie anime watchers to self-proclaimed Otakus, together at one stop, or should we say The Last Stop. This place is an end to all your fragmented searches related to Anime, Manga, Cosplays, and what-not.

Taking a dramatic trip down our memory lane as an Anime lover, we remember our troubles of not being able to keep up with release dates of our favorite anime episodes or not knowing what more animes to watch next or good animes in a specific genre; Last Stop Anime is an end to such woos. From anime recommendations to what’s popular among A-Z animes, ranging from the mainstream to uncommon ones, we got it all covered. To ease your journey to become “The Ultimate Otaku,” never miss out on any Japanimation through Last Stop Anime.