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The Trolls are the creatures in Berserk when the gap b/w the physical and the celestial world becomes weak. These woodland creatures invaded remote human communities.

demon child

He became a half-human Apostle from Guts and Caska. An actual miscarriage :a baby demon who follows the parents around, stalks them, and haunts their dreams.


The finite notion has limits in an endless cycle of existence where everything lasts. On its own, the infinite doesn’t cause evil, but is an essential thing that can result in Absolute Good.


She is a woman. All is there, the real human nature and the real nature of evil. Slan is lascivious & prone to exploitation. She has created splinter cults that worship “the Blaze Goddess”.

beast of darkness

The ultimate embodiment of the emotion of hatred felt in any being. Any negative emotion that one holds on to leads to the rotting of the soul and gives way to a demon of their own


The true one. “If we sacrifice, we must cut ourselves apart… “. Ubik’s bluish face carries atrophied tentacles. He’s smaller than Conrad, though remarkably the same appearance as Conrad.

the god hand

Everything flows in a causal flow with Them. Humans before joining the Godhand, been around since then, except for their 5th member, Femto, born in Eclipse after the Golden Age Arc.


One of the only human adversaries on that list, Gennon proved that sometimes human nature is more dark than merely evil. His duties were to guard the capital of Chuder.


God’s first. It is karma for man to accept sorcery to face fate despite its arbitrary nature. The head of this group, Void is able to control dimensions and the emptiness

the Apostles

Generally used Tropes with the moto, “I sacrifice.” The wailing of your soul, which the world’s gods never eased, opened the door to another dimension, or so it was believed.

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