MOST POWERFUL Black Clover Villains


A high-ranking devil that, resides on the first level of the underworld. Since it is connected to the Tree of Qliphoth, it bears great magic powers that even surpass that of the Dark triad.


An elf and the head of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Patolli gets a new life after losing his life in the artificial body of Licht and gets transformed into a Dark Elf.


He is a devil present in grimoire of Asta and is the source of his anti-magic. Using the anti-magic, he can cancel the effect of others’ magic and even manipulate the swords.

Witch Queen

She is the mother of all the witches and rules the Witche’s Forest. It bears magic powers comparable to elves, can sense any mana in its surroundings .


A high-ranked devil that bears great magic powers. Even when the Devil-Binding Ritual suppresses it, it bears the capacity to destroy the enemy. It is also connected to the Tree of Qliphoth.


The reason for the reincarnation of elves, making of Licht’s grimoire, and responsible for the Elf Tribe massacre. His powers include the reincarnation magic.

Zenon Zogratis

He is a host of the Beelzebub and is among the Zogratis siblings to be a member of the Dark Triad. it is a devil host and bears tremendous magic power.

Dante Zogratis

Dante Zogratis is the host of Lucifero and a member of the Dark Triad. He has manipulative and psychopathic nature added to the superpowers he inherits.

Vanica Zogratis

Host of Megicula, she is the one that has imposed curses on Princess Lolopechka and Acier Silva. It uses the Curse-Warding Magic to create some powerful curses.


Highest-ranking devil among the three rulers of the underworld. Dark Triad member Dante Zogratis and the magic scholar Moris Libardirt act as his host.

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